Small Scales Meets

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Matt Mason posted on

The whole point of these Small Scales Meets are for small scalers to get together without the interference of 7.5"ers. There is nothing wrong with that size (I have two locos and the accompany of cars to go with them so I'm definitely not a scale snob), but many of those guys tend to take over at meets and have no interest in sizes other than themselves. We wanted something that focuses on us. We have done the Saturday small scale only with Sunday being for all at GGLS and it worked out fine, but Saturday was for us. That is why Jim is wanting days just for small scales, its part of the SSM tradition and one that I of course am pushing as well. There are hundreds of meets for 7.5" only, this is the one that is us.
As for small scale narrow gaugers, they have always been welcome. The main requirement is that the equipment run on 4.75", 3.5", or 2.5" gauge, so 1.5" SCALE running on 4.75" TRACK is OK, running 1.5" scale or larger on 7.5" track is not. The other requirement is that it is open to those interested in these gauges allowed to attend with or without equipment to reach out to them to get exposure to our scales.