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GWRDriver posts:

Years ago, a company called Small Parts had an employee named Leo LaFond who was interested in live steam and model engineering. He talked the owner into entering that market and started Saturated Steam. Things went well, they mostly had run of the mill stuff, Stuart castings, Fyne Fort Fittings, and the other usual stuff, but they made a contact in England and produced designs and castings for at least three really superb projects, the 1.5" scale PRR E-6 Atlantic, and the Tangye Mill engine in two scales. Two things happened to upset the apple cart, first there was a falling out of some kind between their UK contact and their source for lost wax iron castings for the E6 and Tangye engines disappeared, and not too long afterward Leo passed away. Since there was no one else in the organization who knew the live steam business they closed it down. This has been before 1991 so I would doubt that any of the stock remains. I was once in Miami and stopped in to see Leo but he was out and not another single soul knew a thing about the "steam engine stuff". There was no Saturated Steam "store", no showroom, no office, just shelf space in the back of the Small Parts warehouse.
Jim Kreider, Brian Gittins (who created the PRR E6 Atlantic), Doug Alkire, and Mel Saslow of Saturated Steam. 23 June 1989, photo by Jim Kreider.

Pennsy E6 Atlantic

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