Ridge Boiler

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See also Allen Models of Michigan.

Name Change

A completed boiler at the shops of Ridge Boiler.

Marty Knox posted the following on Chaski.org

Ridge Locomotive Works is now Ridge Boiler
With the number of boilers I have built closing in on 300, and the number of locomotives only at 17, I am changing the business name to better reflect reality. The website has always been http://RidgeBoiler.com, since it is easier to type boiler than locomotive. I have now filed the paperwork to legally use the name Ridge Boiler.

Policy Change March 2015

Marty Knox posted the following on Chaski.org:

I am changing some of my policies and procedures. There are certain boilers I consider 'Standard', all of the Allen Models and Railroad Supply. These I will be doing in batches and selling for a set price. I will no longer give firm quotes for custom boilers - I will only do these on a time and materials basis.

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