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A manufacturer and distributor of scale model trains for both commercial and personal use. According to owner Bill Donovan, RealTrains has been in business for over 18 years. They have manufactured some 11,000 wheels, and sold over 1 million feet of rail.

Change of Ownership

The following was posted on, 13 January 2015:

Portions of the Real Trains Inc business have been sold. What remains in California is the NKP Berkshire project and the 2" plus equipment and parts. Just about everything else - all 1½" scale stuff and tooling was recently sold to Howard Gorin of Brookline, Mass. I believe the last of the shipment arrived at his location yesterday. It amounts to about a 48 foot trailers worth. Howard has a web site for his The Machinery Works. This new acquisition has caused him to relocate his existing shop into a newer larger building. Howard already has his own line of steam locomotive lost wax detail parts that his web site does not reflect.
RMI posted on Facebook that they bought all of the 2 1/2" and above scale product lines.

Bill Donovan wrote:

Health issues have forced me to step away from Real Trains. Unlike so many businesses in our hobby in the past that went to someone with no background or experience, and which then ended up with the loss of the supplier, I looked for people that would carry on the work and continue to supply everyone. I believe that Howard Gorin at the Machinery Works and Bill Dundas at RMI Railworks can and will do this. Jim Kreider will continue to supply the Berkshire locomotive product.

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