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Power Model Supply was a live steam casting supply company owned and operated by Fred Ellis.

Death of Fred Ellis

TinkerJohn posted on Home Model Engine Machinist, 12 June 2008:

Sadly, Fred Ellis, the owner of Power Model Supply was killed a few years ago in an explosion. The explosion also destroyed the building where his inventory was kept. As someone who often visited with Fred, I assure you we lost a not only a valuable supplier but a faithful hobbyist as well. He was a master machinist and built much of the specialized inventory he sold. As far as I know, no one sells the casting for either the Bill Harris Steam Roller, Donkey Engine or the Falk Locomotive. If so, I sure would like to know. I still need the cylinders for the Falk and it will be complete.

Sale of Patterns

Charles Morrill posted on Chaski.org, 14 February 2004:

Someone is selling a rather large lot of Power Model Supply patterns on Ebay. Looks like a bunch of Heisler patterns, also stuff for the Mich Cal shay, feed pump stuff, etc.

Mike Venezia replied that he purchased the patterns:

I felt I needed these and some others, I have the patterns. As soon as they get here I wil have one of my guys convert the drawings to CAD.

From eBay, February 2016:

Power Model Supply coupler patterns and pattern duplication boxes. This design appears to be 2-1/2 inch scale size coupler or a very large 1-1/2 inch scale coupler for narrow gauge. The patterns are partially completed, just needs the core box finished for the inside pocket of the coupler/knuckle fit. Power Model Supply had a tragic fireworks accident, that is why there is some fire/smoke damage with the patterns. The damage appears to be external to the outside boxes only. A lot of the patterns for Power Model Supply were sold off in an auction on Ebay years ago. So if you were one of the buyers of the Power Model Supply items, there is a good chance that you might have the missing core box to this coupler set. The second photo will kinda show what the missing core box would look like. The boxes with the reverse imprint is to make multiple duplication of patterns for mounting to a sand type pattern board. One side of split coupler pattern has it's duplication box missing. That duplication box can be made by just using the existing pattern and make a reverse imprint from it. With a little bit of time, and reverse engineering of the knuckle, the missing core box should be fairly simple to figure out. Once you figure out the core box, just mount the patterns to a board, you will have a great little 2-1/2 inch scale coupler ready for production at the foundry.


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