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The open source model is a decentralized development model that encourages open collaboration. A main principle of open-source development is peer production, with products such as blueprints and documentation freely available to the public.


A comment in Fusion360 specifying the file is "open source".

Open source projects should be labeled as such so that users know what their rights are regarding its use. An easy way to do this is to apply a "Creative Commons" license to each file. See this page for more information:

For example, drawings may be marked as follows:

Copyright 2018 your name here
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

In Fusion360 add a "Comment" field to each drawing containing the text above. The text should also be included in documentation associated with the project.


The quality of a live steam project can be improved by collaborating with others. Changes to drawings, documentation and other files can best be accomplished using a source-code control system such as git.

Github makes it easy to start and maintain a collaborative project.

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