Oliver Burnaby Bolton

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Live Steam Models

From Bolton Scale Models:

Oliver Burnaby Bolton, a Sydney optometrist, established his model engineering supply business in 1922, although records indicate that he was trading as early as 1919. An optometrist by profession, Bolton is renowned amongst model engineers as a pioneer in the hobby in Australia and abroad.
Following Bolton's death in 1974 the business was sold to Warwick Turner who in 1978 sold the business to Ernest and Joan Winter. Since 1978 the business was expanded to include over 20 new professional quality drawing sets and comprehensive casting sets of NSWGR and Victorian steam locomotives by Ernest Winter. Rolling Stock, Diesel locomotives and stationary engines designs by Ernest Winter have also been added to the range of plans and castings.

Railroad Photography

from BookDepository.com:

Oliver Burnaby Bolton (1890-1974) was interested in the prototype railway from his youth and was one of the earliest amateur photographers of the trains of NSW. Given the limitations of the medium at the time, he was able sometimes to achieve outstanding results, and his subjects are now of great interest.