Niagara Falls Live Steamers

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Tom Gunter-Kremers wrote the following, 13 October 2018:

Bud Kremers, my grandfather, bought a George the Fifth around 1951, built by Bassett Lowke. He ran the train up and down the driveway at their lake house. He then built a track in his back yard and started Niagara Falls Live Steamers. In the 1960’s he worked with Ben Nixon, Gill Rittenburg and Elmer Nusky to build 4 identical 0-4-0 camelbacks. Bud died when I was 7, but we still run ours every year. My father was an officer of Niagara Falls for years, now he’s working on a track in Eden. My kids go with me to Finger Lakes Live Steamers in Morengo. We are hoping to get a rally of camelbacks for the 50th anniversary next year, when we also hope to have the boiler replaced on the George the Fifth (built in the 30’s) to unveil.

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