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Mechanix Illustrated

October 1951

by Robert Brightman

Have you ever wished you could be a locomotive engineer? One hand on the throttle as your iron horse snorts ruh-choo, ruh-choo. This wish undoubtedly lies dormant in the heart of every man. You can make this dream come true, as others have done, at the track of the New York Live Steamers Society in Wyandanch, N. Y., the headquarters for live steamer activities in the East. However, you will have to substitute fingers for hands when operating the throttles of these fascinating, exquisitely detailed locomotives.

To its members, the hobby of hobbies is model live steam railroading. These men machine their equipment to exact sacle. Real live steam under pressures of 100 to 150 pounds per square inch is used to drive the tiny connecting rods which propel the locomotive wheels. Even the shovels are to scale. They hold about a tablespoonful of coal. Power? Plenty. Some of these locomotives can pull a string of six flatcars carrying about 12 men. If you like the smell of soft coal and the chug of a locomotive, write to Harold Rector, president of the club. New members are always welcome.


New York Live Steamer Society, Inc

By Edmund A. Nebauer Jr.

The Miniature Locomotive, July-August 1954

Just to let you steam boys know that we are still alive and under a full head of steam. We moved our track site from Wyandanch to the Freeport Stadium in Freeport, Long Island. The club put up a complete new track, which is 800 feet long in 3/4 gauge. We plan to put 1/2 and one inch in as soon as possible. The club consists of fifteen members. We have two locomotives running and six under construction. The round house and six stalls will be added next year. Anybody interested in paying us a visit please get in touch with Edmund A. Nebauer Jr., Secretary at 78-15 267 Street Bellerose, Long Island, N.Y., Fieldstone 3-8245. Bring your locomotives with you out to our track. We are always looking for new members. Steaming off now.

By Edmund A. Nebauer Jr

78-16 267 Street Bellerose, Long Island, N.Y.

The Miniature Locomotive, November-December 1954

Harry Goodman and Chester O. Hyde talk it over. Appears as though they might have had a look in the tank and the water changed the subject to that big one that got away.

Here are some of the New York Live Steamers locomotives on our roster. We have fifteen locomotives all told, with some still under construction. Yours truly is driving a 4-8-4 No. 3006. She is a very good steamer and running engine. We are very short of flat cards, and are making more.

The engine is ready, and so is Harry Goodman, engineer of No. 5297, a 4-6-4 New York Central Hudson. The young man with the pipe talking to Harry Goodman, is Chester O. Hyde, retired New York Central man. Chester is the vice-president of our club besides being our draftsman and chief layout man.

The club has 22 members and we are all busy building locomotives and flat cars. We are still open for membership. Our main machine shop is at 66-37 70 Street, Middle Village, New York. The man in charge is Edmund A. Nebauer Sr., our president. The shop is all cluttered with locomotives and parts.

Ed Nebauer, Jr. pulls the throttle on this hot shot run. The safety valves indicate plenty of steam in the boiler.

Track Locations

From "Wyandanch (LIRR) station, Wikipedia:

In December 1948, a model railroading club called the New York Live Steamer Society built a miniature steam railroad ride along the line at Merritt Avenue at North 17th Street, on a plot of land which was owned by the LIRR. No fees were ever charged, and the rides proved to be quite popular. By 1951, three miniature engines were in operation on Sundays and holidays, "two of them steam and the other diesel." The miniature railway moved to Freeport in 1953, when the LIRR needed the land on which the New York Live Steamer Society had been using without charge.