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Titan Trains sent an email on 22 February 2016:

See the new Titan Trains. Born out of the Mountain Car Co product line with commitment of additional production equipment, additional employees and resources to sell from inventory for reliable and fast delivery. Titan is also committed to satisfy all of the MCC back orders over the next few months. We are anxious to satisfy you!
Michael Lancenese, Office Manager. 540-387-1952

The Mountain Car Company website carried the following message:

Welcome to the Mountain Car Company Website. A new business, Titan Trains is now producing these 1/8 scale trains and selling from a large inventory. Titan Trains is also supporting the finishing of the old MCC back orders so all customers will be taken care of over the next several months. Please check out the Titan Trains website and see what is available and current news and specials. Thanks!

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