Mike McPeek

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Railroads Made To Order

by Gordon P. Manning

Mike McPeek of Silver Bay, N. Y., a little resort town on Lake George, is a sign painter who has a sideline that is both entertaining and profitable. He operates a fun-ride model railroad for vactioning children and he also will build you your own model train. His trains use a number of castings made for him by a foundry nearby. Mike machines the castings himself and will sell them to any model railroader. The 1-1/2 inch to the foot scale models run on a 7-1/2 inch track, are powered by three-hp Briggs and Stratton motors. With brief instructions any child of six can climb aboard and drive an engine. Locomotives and tenders cost about $1,000, box cars about $160, cabooses about $225; a train with three cars costs about $1,700.

MikeMcPeek 1960 SilverBay NY.jpg