Marty Siegel

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Mart Siegel was a former president of the Golden Gate Live Steamers. He is best know for his development of the Marty Burners.

Marty Siegel giving Dave August's locomotive a try at the Sacramento track. From

Marty served as GGLS president for two terms. He was also the general "greeter" of new members and made them feel at home.

Tidbits from Chaski

Posted by Jesse Banning, 18 July 2012:

I got my start in live steam 1992 at the GGLS. Many thanks to the individuals that took time to take me under their wing. Jim Dameron, Marty Siegel, Bob Morris and Duane Gunnison.

Posted by "ccvstmr", 10 April 2003:

Since purchasing Solarflo/Barber burner jets is next to impossible, Marty reduced the Solarflo burner design to it's basic components and made his jets using a short brass pipe nipple and other ass't pieces of brass.