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Rich Eaton posted the following on YouTube.com, Oct 28, 2014

How I Make Louvers in Aluminum
Here is an inexpensive way to make good looking 1" louvers in aluminum. I use an inexpensive Harbor Freight 1 Ton Arbor Press and an old 1" spade drill attached to the ram with a machine screw. The spade drill has to first be ground to a chisel point then rounded on the side edges. I've milled a small "step" in the bottom of the ram that the spade drill rests in, then attached the spade drill to the ram with a machine screw. The bottom "die" is just a steel plate with 3/16" flat bar and 3/16" key stock attached to it as shown in the video. Works perfectly and you can vary the width of the louvers by varying the width of the spade drill. A good alternative to expensive louver making tooling.

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