Lindy Knight

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Ken Shattock writes:

The late Linwood "Lindy" Knight lived in Saco, Maine for many years and was a real craftsman when it came to building scale models of Live Steam locomotives. We'll start this look back with an early peek at a young Lindy and his famous locomotive and then go from there.

Also from Ken:

Many years ago, the late Carl Purinton of Boxford, MA told me about "Lindy Knight" from the state of Maine who built a beautiful 4-8-8-4 in 3 1/2 gauge. Carl said the locomotive was a beautiful piece of work and had "spring rigging" like the prototype "Big Boys". However, Carl also said that you could NOT lift the engine or "the pieces would fall out".

Jim Kreider writes:

Lindy called me 364 days after he started machining his first parts for the Berkshire. He held the phone up to the exhaust stand and you could hear the engine running and chuffing on air. He numbered his Berkshire #780 because he said that would have been NKP's next Berkshire.
If I remember correctly, Lindy ran a lawn mower repair business from which he had pretty much retired from when he built the Berkshire.

Lindy's "Big Boy" can be seen in operation in Volume I of The Films of Carl Purinton.