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Leo Meyers of St. Louis, MO, on the turn table with his 0-4-0 tanker. Taken at the Southern California Live Steamers track in 1954. This is a beautifully constructed engine and is gasoline fired. From The North American Live Steamer, March 1956.

Tim posted on Chaski.org

Leo Meyers of the St louis Mo area had his engines in the General movie. The General, the Texas and the Yonah he had built all in 1" scale. All three are museum quality. They were shipped over to Spain to be used in the making of the movie.

Ozark Lines

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1 Number 8

Prior to our visit to the S.C.L.S meet at Lomita, California in 1954 I had planned to build a pike in our back yard, but met with opposition from the better half because of her flower beds. The idea of an elevated track on posts was just out of the question. At this meeting I had the pleasure of meeting our editor Kenneth Stanaback and he informed me that his track was laid on the ground in concrete and had stood the winter freeze and thaws.

So, after inspecting Ollie Johnston's track at Flintridge and Bob Day's track at Santa Monica, both of which were beautifully landscaped, we decided to construct a track laid in solid concrete using 1-1/8 inch square redwood ties and aluminum rail. All 1 inch scale.

A 250 foot oval with a 40 foot turnout and a siding that leads to the round house in the basement where 15 feet of track accommodates the Atlantic and the 0-4-0 switcher. A 4-foot culvert, 7 foot girder bridge and a 14 foot redwood trestle are included in the track. Air and water are piped to the steaming patio.

The main and side rods, valve gear on the Atlantic were machined from solid stainless steel and finished with 600 grit cloth.

Switch points and frogs are machined from solid 24 ST aluminum.

Leo Myers
8121 Stratford Ave
St. Louis 24, Missouri