John Cassady

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Possum Flats & Eastern Railroad

Timekeeper102 wrote:

Located in Casselberry, Florida, the Possum Flats and Eastern Railroad was owned and operated by John L. Cassady Sr. The railroad and his property were a beloved attraction among the children of Central Florida. The railroad was completed in 1969 and featured over 3,800 feet of track, a steam engine as well as a diesel engine. John Cassady also received assistance in maintaining and operating the railroad from a retired 4-star general, Bruce K. Holloway. The railroad stopped carrying passengers in 1995, but remains of the railroad have been adopted and are used by other live miniature railroad enthusiasts.

This is a home video of a preschool field trip to the property featuring a rear facing POV of a ride on one of the steam locomotives.

3D Scanning Body of a PF&ERR Diesel