Jesse Livingston

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Jesse Livingston with his Mich-Cal Shay in 1.5 inch scale, 2015.

Jesse Livingston, affectionately known as "Unka Jesse", is a long-time live steam model builder and member of Mid-South Live Steamers.

Filer and Stowell 0-4-0

From eBay, July 2017:

Filer and Stowell Logging Locomotive as featured in LSOR magazine. 7-1/2 inch gauge. Oscillating cylinders. Propane burner. High capacity hand pump. Superscale injector, axle pump, steam jam brakes, Steel cab with roof. Two re-railers on side of tender. Seat cushion that sits on tender. Comes with one bottle of LSB8000 boiler treatment and a roll around locomotive stand. Built by Jesse Livingston and featured on the cover of the January/February 1998 Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading. I purchased this a few months ago with the hopes of running but just ran into some unexpected financial needs and will have to sell. The boiler hydro tested to 150 psi (runs at 100 psi). Will need some plumbing work to tighten everything up, probably some o-rings need replaced to fix some drips. Also needs propane regulator to attach to a propane tank. I ran it on air pressure from my compressor a few weeks ago and was really impressed...please see YouTube video linked below.


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