Jack Bachmann

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Jack Bachmann was a licensed boiler operator, who kept his license until the day he died. If anyone could build a steam vehicle relying on a boiler, it was Jack. On top of that, he was trained to repair and build chronometers. He was fanatically precise in everything he built.

0-4-0 Camelback

Jack Bachmann's 0-4-0 camelback in 1.5 inch scale was sold at auction, November 2015. This locomotive built was built with Mercer Locomotive castings. These castings where made from the original Elmer Nuskey patterns. The auction listing provided the following information and photos.

  • Details
    • Copper Boiler
    • Built: 1987
    • Last fired around 1991
    • Runs on coal
    • Train was run at Mid-South Live Steamers in Columbia, TN.
    • Gauge: 7.5 inches gauge
    • Length 40 inches
    • Width 16 inches

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