IBLS Journal 1935

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Larry Koehl wrote in Mud Ring, April 2014

In the April 1935 issue of The Modelmaker, a small classified ad by L. D. Langworthy of Rhode Island appeared. He offered drawings and castings in 3/4 inch scale for the New York Central Hudson. The offering was well received as this "new", larger scale was just ramping up. A third (3-1/2 inch gauge) rail to accommodate it was to be added to Carl Purinton's track for the annual Brotherhood meet later that year.

From Live Steam of Years Gone By by Charles S. Purinton:

The seedling of live steam had been planted as 2-1/2 inch gauge and grew, and now [in 1935] it was a large plant with many branches and promised to grow into a real bush as 3-1/2 inch gauge. Little did we realize that it was destined to become a tree as 7-1/4 inch gauge.