Hyde-Out Mountain Live Steam

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High end live steam museum quality model locomotives Scale 1:32

Live Diesel

Jerry Hyde posted several videos of Live Diesel conversion he constructed. He wrote in 2015:

I designed the drive system some years ago & did 47 conversions using suitable existing electric models. I do not do this anymore, too much work, burned out! Later I made & sold 27 conversion kits. Burned out even more! I have left over, a few sets of crucial parts & wiring schematic needed to convert. You are welcome to call me if you have any questions & 740-946-6611.

Jerry Hyde

Starting and running a live diesel

Jerry Hyde Live Diesel Electric model locomotive NP F7, followed by a British Class 66 live diesel. You MUST watch the Class 66 in the middle of the video push a brick sitting on the track!

Jerry Hyde Test run of Live Diesel / Electric conversion of MTH gauge 1, scale 1:32 electric model locomotive using a model airplane engine. It has a specially made motor / generator. (shown pulling a dummy B unit) It has throttle & forward-neutral-reverse control. Some features; oil collection / quiet muffler system, on board start battery, operating head, number board & class lights, electric combination cooling fan & supercharger (which sounds like a real diesel supercharger) & more. Runs about 40 minutes on 4 oz. tank of fuel

Loco # 1

The follow was listed on eBay, June 2017:

Gauge 1 live "diesel" electric locomotive hand built on Marklin Chassis. On board start, glow plug batteries & lights. Serial# 1 of 37. Custom built by Hyde-Out Mountain Live Steam in 2007. Brand New, never run except for normal testing. Instructions included.
Jerry Hyde,
Hyde-Out Mountain Live Steam
Jewett, Ohio

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