Henry Lauer

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Henry Lauer was born 1900 and worked for Pennsylvania Railroad for 45 years and died in 1961, one day before he retired. He made live steam models in his home at 319 North Pine St, York, PA.

He was a maintenance man with the Pennsylvania Railroad. He made these trains when he was 15 to 20 years old. All are completely hand made of brass and were made of scrap material, strictly one of a kind!

Mrs. Richstine said her uncle, Henry Lauer, made 4 trains between 1915 and 1920. One small live steam set was sold a number of years ago for $100.00 out of anger. There were 3 large 1/2 inch scale engines left (all live steam). She wanted $10,000 for all 3 plus parts that were hand made of brass in boxes. Plus a large signal he made. Parts were made for other engines he intended to make.


One of Henry Lauer's live steam locomotives was sold at auction on eBay, December 2013.