Harry Austin

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From The North American Live Steamer, March 1956

Charles A. Purinton

Many times during the past a good many Brothers have expressed the wish that it could be possible to have the Wandering Locomotive Books published in book form. Due to the expense and to the small number of books involved, this idea, while very nice is just wishfull thinking. However, I am taking the liberty of submitting some photos and a little description of the 3-1/2 inch gauge Boston & Albany Hudson built by the late Harry Austin. This material is in, if I recall correctly, the second volume of the Books. I quote:

Wollaston, Mass. February 20, 1938. Greetings, Live Steamers! It is great to see these Books again after being away for three years - some beautiful jobs on its pages. Well, after about seven years I have nearly completed my Boston & Albany Hudson, 3/4 inch scale, but most of the time has been in building working detail which required a lot of experimenting before working satisfactorily. To date I have managed to build and install a working stoker which is of the conventional type worm feed driven by stoker engine under the cab foot board. Turbo headlight generator, generator being of the magnetic type, and turbine is Terry type with blades milled in wheel and has lit two flashlight bulbs O.K. There is also a power reverse and working booster. The duplex feed pump is double acting on the water end. At present am working on air pumps which will about complete things. Photo No. 1 shows left side, stoker engine, coal tube, turbo generator and feed pump. Photo No. 2 is broad side.

Signed by Harry F. Austin.