Harold Christensen

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Harold Christensen

From Pete Greene, 21 Feb 2013

Harold Christensen, of Floresville, TX, passed away Wednesday night from pneumonia at age 94. Not many of you ever knew Harold Christensen, who for many years was a member of SWLS back when I got started in this hobby around 1978. Harold probably built close to two dozen steam engines, mostly from scratch. Harold built 3 out of the 4 steam engines we own. My first steam engine, an 0-4-0 Switcher and he built the green Atlantic and Donna Greene's oversized American too. Harold built a Mikado that was converted to a Pacific and Steve Campa has that engine along with Harold's old Black Atlantic. He helped Tweety Tolson build his Atlantic engine, he built a Mogul for Hank Blossom of Wimberley, a Hudson for Thomas Morgan of Callahan, TX, the yellow steamer that belonged to Kari Worth's grandfather, that she now runs, and many many more I can't remember. He got pretty cranky in his old age, but he and I were old friends and his talents will be sorely missed by members in this hobby.

God speed Harold,

Pete & Donna Greene