H. P. Jackson

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LMS Princess Royal

Jackson designed a 3/4 inch scale, 3-1/2 inch gauge version of the LMS Princess Royal Class Pacific locomotive.

A partially constructed model based on Jackson's prints appeared for auction on eBay.com in October 2013. It was described as follows:

Offered for auction is a partially built 4-cylinder ¾” scale, 3 ½” gauge LMS Princess Royal Class 4-6-2 pacific. The workmanship is of high caliber and a significant percentage of the most demanding work is complete. The un-fired copper boiler is complete and contains sixteen flues plus two additional large flues, presumably for super heaters. It was designed with a combustion chamber with several water tubes running vertically that could be regarded as thermic syphons. The boiler is already fitted out for plumbing (blower & injector lines, throttle, and safety valves). I have no documentation on the builder of the boiler, but judging from the quality it looks professionally built. I have not hydro-statically tested the boiler, nor do I have the means to do so.
The locomotive main frame is complete, as are the six driving wheels, lead truck and main rods. The four cylinders are complete. The two inner cylinders have both pistons and valves, however the outer cylinders do not have completed vales and only one of the two has a piston installed. The lead truck, tender trucks and frames are complete. The outer tender shell is complete and is built from brass. The trailing truck is included but needs to be machined. Other components are still in rough castings (brake shoes, crosshead guides, smokebox front, axle pumps, etc...), but judging from the collection, the engine could be completed without without any additional castings.
Included in the sale is an incomplete collection of original of blueprints by H. P. Jackson. The prints are fragile but clearly readable. The following are the drawings that are included:
  • P1 “Frames, horns, frame stays, etc”
  • P3 “ Pony truck” copyright 1933
  • P4 “Outside & inside cylinders” copyright Nov 1933
  • P5 “Alignment & details of motion & valve gear” copyright Dec 1933
  • P7 “Boiler & details”
  • P9 “Sundries for LMS Princess Royal”
  • P10 “Side elevation” Nov 1933
  • “Rear buffer beam” partial drawing
  • “Front elevation of LMS Locomotive” drawing
  • P11 “Tender for LMS Pacific” copyright Feb 1937