Gerry Bowden

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Gerry Bowden of Grants Pass, Oregon built the BNSF 9944 SD60 for David Hannah III.

Tony Johnson wrote:

The last steam locomotive he (Bowden) built was the best live-steam miniature I ever saw in my life. It was down to the rivet. Everything worked on it except the little oil can in the back of the cab. He sold it to a guy in Southern California for $135,000.

From Mail Tribute, 30 November 2003:

Gerry Bowden with the Southern Oregon Live Steamers has made a profession out of his pastime. "I started this business as a hobby," said the Grants Pass resident who builds train replicas. Bowden brought his 17-foot 1944 Baldwin locomotive replica, which he built entirely from photographs. He estimates the engine, which will pull seven tons, is worth $140,000. It will get its first test run this summer.


Gerry passed away in 2007.

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