Flat River & Southern

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The Flat River & Southern was a commercial 7-1/2" railroad in North Palm Beach, Florida. It was owned and operated by Ed Pruitt.


The Flat River and Southern Railroad was built about 1970. It was one of the first 1-1/2" scale railroads to operate as a commercial venture. It was one of the most renowned railroads in Florida, and is mentioned prominently in the book Large-scale Model Railroading by T.A. Hill and W. C. Koster which was published in the mid 1970's.

The FR&S was featured in the 1972 catalog of Koster's Miniature Railroad Supplies:

The Flat River & Southern is located in North Palm Beach, Florida, built to 1-1/2" scale is open to the public. Ed Pruitt is the owner and welcomes visits by Live Steamers.

The FR&S operated for just under 3 years before it closed. The assets of the railroad were sold at auction.

The Doolittle, Seemore & Nap railroad was built on the same property in the mid 1980's, over a decade after the original FR&S closed.