Edwin Bergh

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See also IBLS Journal 1933 and IBLS Journal 1938.

Edwin D. Bergh Remebered

by Charles A. Purinton

From The Miniature Locomotive, November-December 1954

Edwin D. Bergh of Diamond Point, New York, has been taken from us. He died last October 1954. His death was sudden and was a great shock to me, as my friendship with Ed was a valued one and one that started way back in the early 1930's. Ed began, like the majority of us, with 2-1/2 inch gauge locomotives, but graduated to the larger sizes sooner than most of us. This was no doubt the result of his great interest in and love of the steam locomotive. He also had more opportunity of becoming familiar with full size locomotives than a lot of us. All of this led to his building in 7-1/4 inch gauge and his realization that in this size one came a bit nearer the qualities of the full size engines. He was also fortunate in living in a place where he had room for a 7-1/4 inch gauge road. At the time of his death he had two fine small locomotives in 7-1/4 inch gauge finished and in operation. A good start had been made on one of Buchanan's N.Y.C. 4-4-0's, the No. 938. Ed was always willing to help others in any way that he could and while he and I did not always see things eye to eye, our friendly arguments will be greatly missed.