Eastern Central Railroad

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Wheel Standard

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 7 Number 1, 1956

Enclosed is a drawing showing the Standard Wheel Tread and Flange Section which I have designed for my projected 3/4 inch scale Eastern Central Railroad. This is based on the American Railway Master-Mechanics Association and the Master Car Builders Association standard tread form of 1887, as my locomotive is based on the period 1870-1895. The track gauge is 3-17/32 inch and the distance between backs of flanges is 3-21/64 inch. This tread form can be used for car and locomotive driving wheels.

Carl W. Larson, ME, PE
366 Church Street
Lodi, New Jersey
EasternCentralRR WheelStandard TheNorthAmericanLiveSteamer No1Vol7.jpg