East Coast Locomotive Works

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East Coast Locomotive Works was owned and operated by Ralph Lathrop.


The following appeared in Live Steam Magazine, October 1980:

East Coast Locomotive Works of Fitchville, Connecticut, plans to concentrate on the engines of the 1920's and 1930's in 1.5 inch scale, 7.25 and 7.5 inch gauge. The different types are the Atlantic, Pacific, Hudson plus the Northern which will be introduced at a later date. Most parts are suitable for these engines. Some are for a Consolidation with 63 inch drivers.
East Coast is fortunate to have a small foundry nearby that still does bench molding in cast iron. Surprisingly enough is the fact that this same foundry cast the parts for the famous Langworthy Hudson in 3/4 inch scale back in the late 1930's.
Matthew Potoff, grandson of Ralph Lathrop, engineer of Joe W. White, built by his grandfather.
Ralph Lathrop is the owner of the new company. Ralph has been associated with Live Steam since the middle 1950's, being one of the first three to run 1.5 inch scale engines at the Southwick, Massachusetts track along with the late Norm Steele and Ben Nixon, some 18 years ago (about 1962). His engine is the Joel W. White, which his daughter Joyce ran so proficiently and now her son, Matthew Potoff of Midland, Michigan enjoys running on Grandpa's track. Castings for this early American 4-4-0 are also available on special order.
Over the years Ralph has put together a well equipped machine shope. Machine work is available for those who have a small lathe or limited shop.
Ralph's new engine, a 1.5 inch scale Pacific (4-6-2), which is presently under construction, is a Ps-4 Southern. The basic reference material was taken from the book put out by Wildwood Publications.
AS the engine progresses, new castings will be added to the line. The cylinder casting is quite different from the usual. It is cast in one block with piston valves and all steam passages cast in. A coring job of distinction.

Sale of Intellectual Property

Rob Gardner wrote on Chaski.org:

You could also contact Klamath Locomotive Works. They sell the SRR Ps-4 that Ralph Lathrop sold when he had East Coast Locomotive Works. Don't know what kind of trailing truck this kit has but you could probably get the Commonwealth tender trucks from them if nothing else.