Disney Hollywood Studios Hudson

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Any live steamers that have visited Disney's Hollywood Studios in Flordia, and have taken the ride "Backlot Tours", probably noticed a beautifully built 1.5 inch scale Hudson sitting on the second shelf of the "prop room". The prop room serves as a queuing line for the ride, and has 4 layers of shelves filled with movie props.

Tidbits from Chaski

From Chaski.org:

Living Legend wrote:

John Ellott built a Hudson using LE parts during the late 1970's/early 1980's. But John started building the engine long before LE began to market the Hudson and new Northern. John's engine was the one used in the movie "Dick Tracy" (Warren Beatty, Madonna, etc.) I seem to remember Disney bought the engine from John and had it on display at one of the parks.

T Waggenspack wrote:

The Hudson is at MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios). It looks like it is still fully functional, just been in storage for some time.