David T. Gibson

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Dave Gibson and his Harpur 573 shown here on Gail Gish's Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. The red Wabash auxiliary water car came about after a low water incident at Tlaquepaque, on the Comanche & Indian Gap Railroad, back before the water line when the tank was hand filled. Photo by Dallas Giddens.

David T. Gibson was born on April 22, 1949 to May M. and Thomas K. Gibson in Schenectady, NY, but was raised in Roanoke, VA, where he graduated from Cave Spring High School. He attended Tennessee Wesleyan College, where he earned his degree in Business in 1972. A lifelong railroad enthusiast, he worked for the Norfolk and Western (now Norfolk Southern) Railroad for 38 years, retiring as a Trainmaster. David's final position was as Trainmaster out of Avondale Yard in North Kansas City.

David married Lynette W. Gibson and had two children, son Michael and daughter Jennifer.

David passed away on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at the age of 65.

David's long-time devotion to the Big Creek & Southern Railroad was reflected in his dedication to ensuring that our track and right of way was always the best. He took great pride in ensuring a smooth and safe ride for everyone and his goal was always that the trackwork on the BC&S absolutely be recognized as among the best in the hobby. David was always the first person to welcome a newcomer to the railroad and did everything he could to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

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