Colorado Central

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The Colorado Central was built by Dick Jackson at his home.

David "DJSteamer3017" stated that "Dick Jackson's home was the first home of the Southern California Live Steamers and where Laurence Hiney collaborated in the construction of Late Disney Animator Ollie Johnston's own 1 inch Scale 4-6-2 Pacific, La Canada Valley 515.

SCLS Meets

by C.S. Chovil, Secretary, Southern California Live Steamers

The Miniature Locomotive, September-October 1953

Thursday evening, June 18, 1953, Southern California Live Steamers were the guests of Dick Jackson of Beverly Hills and owner of the legendary Colorado Central Railroad. The 900, Dick's pride and joy, was clean and shining like new, the tender and caboose immaculate and resting in their customary place atop a tool cabinet. The shop as a whole is an outstanding example of fine management and exacting workmanship. The scene of unhurried production in 1-inch scale, R.R. equipment for the Colorado Central Railroad. Dick's shop is really more than just a work shop; it is a veritable museum of perfect miniatures built to one-inch scale.

Only those of us who have seen the R.R. station, water tank, rolling stock and R.R. accessories can appreciate the picture. When they are assembled together, the scene is a perfect replica of an American short line R.R. as remembered about the turn of the century. His collection of railroad scenes, builder's plates, R.R. passes, coach lamps, marker lights, all beautifully restored to their original newness, are priceless as collector's items.

Dick Jackson's 4-4-0 in 1 inch scale on his Colorado Central. David "DJSteamer3017" writes: "The Locomotive in the video that Walt is Running is Dick's 4-4-0 Colorado Central 900, and as story goes his 4-4-0 was a 4-6-0 and the first One Inch Scale Locomotive built west of Chicago."

Water Pump

The following water pump, designed by Dick Jackson, was offered for sale on eBay, November 2015.


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