Bill Goesch

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The Model Craftsman, September 1943

here are a few photos, showing various stages in the completion of my Standard 4-4-0 model locomotive. The scale is one-half inch to the foot. Cylinders 3/4 inch bore by 1-1/8 inch stroke. Drivers 3 inches in diameter. Drivers are equalized and ummy springs are used. The pony truck is equalized and sprung.

The Right-of-Way Dept. is planning on using all the Mechanical Dept's labor in building an oval 11 feet by 30 feet in the basement (2-1/2 inch gauge).

The articles running currently in The Model Craftsman by Lester Friend and Martin Lewis are "tops." Many thanks to both gentlemen and also the editor. I hope to see an article soon on 1/2 inch scale Cylinder Cocks.

William E. Goesch
Menneapolis, Minn.
Some of the parts used in building Bill Goesch's half-inch scale "live steamer."