Baskin Bar

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Carl Baskin wrote on

Simply put...derailments happen! You don't want to see your model damaged...and clubs or individual track owners don't want to see their rail "shaved" (aluminum rail in particular).
I found a way to save both model and rail. When I shared this idea with one of my club colleagues, he followed the suggestion and referred to this as The Baskin Bar. It's basically, a 3/8" or 1/2" round piece of round cold rolled steel welded to the underside of the pilot and behind the face sheet metal (please don't use all-thread rod). Nothing wrong with letting the bar hang down an 1/8" or so. It won't be easy to see unless someone is on the ground anyway. The whole point is to allow the loco pilot to skid/slide along the rail top instead of digging in and causing damage. Think about it. It could save a few hours of repairs.