Arthur Johnson

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From Popular Science Monthly, Volume 88, January-June 1916, page 25:

Arthur Johnson poses with his live steam locomotive, 1916
A Boy's Wonderful Working Locomotive Model
A miniature railway locomotive, complete in every detail, which has attracted the attention of the railorad officials of several Pacific Coast lines, is the handiwork of Arthur Johnson, of Portland, Oregon.
This tin locomotive, only forty-five inches in length, was built to test a new invention of his on a firebox. It is operated by steam, generated by oil fuel, and is equipped with air brakes, an interior throttle and reverse levers and gears.
The engineering department of the Southern Pacific Company borrowed the model and figured out its weight, power, and all other statistics in the same manner that they would figure on a full-size locomotive. To their surprise they found that the tiny engine developed one-quarter horsepower, and on a level track had a haul capacity of one and a quarter tons.