Annetta Valley & Western Railroad

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Track Plan

AV&WRR as of 24 July 2014
Track Plan from 2006 Website
AV&WRR aerial view 2003
AV&WRR aerial view 1995
Annetta Valley & Western Track Layout, 2002.


From Terry McGrath, 2 July 2013:

Ron Paddock, a charter member of the AV&W, and one of three who began construction on the railroad in 1971, passed away today, suffering from an extended illness. Ron, Paul Beverung and myself started the railroad, and the three of us celebrated the finishing of our first loop of track that summer. Ron insisted in taking a "first" run during the middle of a summer rain storm, with me standing inside the depot looking out the window! Ron was a helicopter pilot serving with Paul during Vietnam and was an avid fan of the Erie Railroad, collecting many Erie locomotives and rolling stock. He had a positive attitude and was one of the most friendly people I ever knew, always willing to help with any project until he became ill. He attended his last meet during the 40th anniversary meet (2012) where the RON PADDOCK TRANSFER was named after him. Funeral services will be held at the National Cemetery in Arlington after the July Fourth holiday. So long old friend! We'll see you later at one of those heavenly train meets.
4 May 2012: Paul Beverung driving the last spike completing the ORIGINAL Annetta Valley & Western that was started 40 years ago this year. Standing to his left is Terry McGrath, owner, and seated in the Gator in the background is Ron Paddock; these 3 guys started this outfit 40 years ago. Photo by Terry Shirley.

First SWLS Fall Meet

Michael McGrath shared the following, February 2018:

The first fall meet of the Southwestern Live Steamers was held fall 1973. Frank Mann came with his massive ATSF 5001, and many others attended as well. Terry McGrath said it was a disaster. A Texas thunderstorm poured rain. The water well quit working, and the well truck got stuck. Frank's 50001 went on the ground. Terry swore he wouldn't host another meet. But we know he hosted meets the rest of his life.
Terry later gave up the fall meet and Jack Haskins began hosting it. When John Enders bowed out of hosting the SWLS Spring meet Terry stepped up and offered the AVWRR.
Terry started the AVWRR club, and invited friends in the hobby that all got along well.
Terry was also a founding member of the Southwestern Live Steamers. He began hosting the fall once John Enders closed his railroad. The business meeting was held on the Saturday afternoon of the meet. Everyone would stop running, change into nice clothes, and meet at the country club for supper and a business meeting. After a few years Terry promoted the idea of having the business meeting at supper at track-side, and it has been done that way ever since.

Burgess Creek & Southern

The original name of the railroad was the "Burgess Creek & Southern Railroad", as of 1 August 1974. The line is close to Burgess Creek. Terry Shirley found this brochure in an old copy of Live Steam magazine.

Place Names

  • Mary Ann's Creek is named for Mary Ann Beverung, wife of Paul Beverung, co-founder of the AVWRR
  • Terry Town Station is name for Terry McGrath, co-founder of the AVWRR
  • Paddock Transfer is named for Ron Paddock, co-founder of the AVWRR
  • Grizzly Flats siding is a nod to Ward Kimball's Grizzly Flats Railroad
  • Pickard Crossing is named for Roy Pickard, founder of the Comanche & Indian Gap Railroad
  • Nussbaum Gorge is named for Matt Nussbaum
  • Lake Louise is named for Louise Gray, wife of Bob Gray
  • Gray Yard is named for Bob Gray
  • Maddox Junction
  • Stamey Loop is named for Tom Stamey
  • Biscuit Junction
  • Rio Vista
  • El Dorado
  • West Fork
  • Lucks Engine House is name for Jack Lucks

2002 Website Gallery

These photos were extracted from the 2002 version of the club website, from


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