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Albert S. Campbell was a railroad machinist by trade. He lived in New York from the 1880's till his death in 1959. He was one of the early live steam pioneers, who produced and sold 100 casting sets of 3 3/16", 4 3/4'" and 6 1/2 gauge engine castings and 25 completed locomotives to steam enthusiasts, starting in 1896.

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Campbell was from the New York City and upstate New York area and was an active pioneer in live steam until his death in 1959. He was the first to produce and sell live steam castings for hobby gauge locomotives.
Mr. Campbell sold castings for 3-1/16 inch gauge, 4-3/4 inch gauge, and 6-1/2 inch gauge, and a 12-5/8 inch gauge 4-4-0, but never produced a 7-1/4 inch or 7-1/2 inch gauge engine. One of his highly detailed 1 inch locomotives appears in Frederick Shaw's 1958 Little Railways of the World book (in fact the book is dedicated Campbell), but so far the locomotive itself hasn't turned up. It would be great to know where it is!
Albert Campbell sales flier, circa 1900


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