Al Roedding

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Steve Bratina wrote, August 2020:

Al was a member of the Toronto Society of Model Engineers and more pictures of the engine can be seen on their site. The engine was interesting in that the tender pump was a rotary type instead of the usual back and forth. The engine was a masterpiece and ran not only here but also at the NJLS track. I was told that the boiler was damaged due to low water and eventually the engine was sold for display at to the Science Centre in Toronto Ontario. Word has it that the UP actually wanted to buy the engine to display but it had already been sold. Al Roedding lived in Etobicoke Ontario and I believe was a furniture maker.

Owen Swain wrote 27 Oct 2020:

My grandfather is Al Roedding. I can confirm for you that Al was indeed a maker of fine furniture. For considerable time he worked for Timothy E. Eaton (the man and the company named after him).
On a school trip to the Ontario Science Centre I showed my peers my grandfather's engine which would "run" on the spot without moving. They wouldn't believe me as the surname was not the same, but of course, his daughter, my mother, married!