2-6-2 Prairie Steam Locomotive

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Dierks Forest No 207 Prairie.jpg


  • Photos of 2-6-2 exhibited at Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photos by Daris A Nevil, March 2018.
    • Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, May 1917, serial 45549
    • The Dierks Forest #207. Was used by a lumber company, Dierks Forest, for hauling lumber in southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas and was moved to Tulsa’s fairgrounds in 1963.
    • This is an oil-fired locomotive. The tender contains a large oil tank.
    • The turbo generator is mounted on the same platform as the headlight.
    • The trailing truck looks like it was fabricated from forge steel, not castings.
    • The cylinder cocks are manually operated. The control rods were removed on the engineer side and are laying on the ground.
    • The boiler platform is made of wood.
    • The floor of the tender is wood.
    • Walschaerts valve gear
    • Two sand-boxes, one in front of the first driver, the second behind the last driver.

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