Charles Garbett

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Kenneth Shattock wrote:

My Grandpa (Victor Shattock) and his buddies started building in 1948 in Redwood Regional Park. The Golden Spike was driven on September 2, 1950. The rest was history! If he were alive today, I don't think he'd believe his own eyes to see what the Club has created at Tilden Park in Berkeley.
One of the teenagers who used to hang around his basement in Oakland when said teen was only nineteen years old, was Charles "Budge" Garbett. In 1936, Vic asked him to notify a list of folks about a meeting on the following Friday night. He sent out homemade postcards, took notes, and became the first club secretary. That was a long time ago. Yet at 95 years of age, that first secretary attended our grand 75th Anniversary Party at Tilden in 2011 as the Club's guest. Yes, it was amazing !
Budge told ME (Kenneth Shattock) that my Grandpa had a layout "down among the warehouses in West Oakland" before building in East Oakland. Dang--I never knew that !!
At the July-2011 party at Tilden, "Budge" presented me a gift. A nice looking 1/2" scale Box Car that he had built many, many years ago! I almost wanted to cry. Lots of the club members thought that was nice. So, in conclusion, the "first secretary" of the Golden Gate Live Steamers attended the Anniversary Meet and the Founder's grandson attended the meet. Who can duplicate that?

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