The Work of Henry Greenly

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The Work of Henry Greenly

The Model Craftsman

July 1937

An idea of the size of the N.Y.C. Pacific type can be seen here. Left to right are Mr. F. Roberts; Mr. J. R. Jeffress, the fortunate owner (an American). The gentleman with the twin glasses, the blurred head, is Mr. Greenly, who moved at the camera snap.

There is little need to tell readers of The Model Craftsman what the name Henry Greenly stands for. For over twenty years this excellent English engineer has devoted his time and great talent to designing all kinds of steam, gas, and electric machinery with emphasis laid on the side of models. Author of several of the world's finest texts on model engineering, Mr. Greenly was for some time editor of the famous "M. E."-- the bible of British model engineers.

Leaving literary pursuits some time ago to go back to full scale engineering, Mr. Greenly is now chief of Greenly Engineering Models, Ltd., and has been very busy with full size work, ranging from electrical instruments to a 97 foot span railway bridge over the Southern Railway at Worthing. In addition he has many new locos to his credit, one of which is shown here in all of its magnificent appeal.

It is with extreme pleasure that we announce that Mr. Greenly has become Contributing Editor to The Model Craftsman. MC readers will be treated in forthcoming issues to some of the work which has been cooked up between Mr. Greenly and the Editor, to the end that the best of the admirable and forthright qualities in British design work will be amalgamated with American ingenuity, resulting in new interpretations of the American type models which Mr. Greenly knows so well.

As to more particulars of the model shown on these pages: Of the Pacific type, it is coal fired, having a copper boiler with iron grate bars. The boiler is of the Wootten type.

The cylinders are 2-1/2 inch by 3-1/4 inch. Valve gear is Walschaerts reversing gear, with piston valves.

There is a superheater in the smokebox. The boiler, of copper, is 10 inches in diameter with a Wootten type firebox.

The boiler has 49 tubes, 5/8 inch diameter. The brakes are operated by steam.

We may not all be able to own such a magnificent job, but all of us MC readers will henceforth enjoy the fireside fun of looking at Mr. Greenly's designs in the pages of this magazine. Something good is coming!

The firebox of the 7-1/4 inch gauge Pacific type Greenly model is built of copper and has a firebox of the Wootten type with a width of 11 inches. The throttle valve is rotary, and can be seen attached above the fire door.
Magnificent in conception and splendid in execution is this fine working model. The design and construction are the work of Mr. Henry Greenly, famous English model engineer. The boiler is 10 inches in diameter, wheels are 10 inches in diameter, with the pilot truck wheels 4-1/4 inch, the trailing trucks of 5-1/4 inch diameter. The gauge is 7-1/4 inch, or 1-1/2 inch scale.