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The Modelmaker was published before the WW2 years starting in 1924 in a 5"x7.375" format. In 1934, the magazine change to a 6"x9" format. In the mid-1930s, it was taken over by Kalmbach, the publishers of Model Railroader and its format was changed to tablet size and featured an orange cover. In the early 1940s, The Model Maker was discontinued and its resources were rolled into Model Railroader.

The Modelmaker contains pages of great model railroading information as well as operating model boats, aircraft, steam and gasoline engines.

BLS Coverage

The October-November 1938 edition of The Modelmaker featured the September 1938 BLS Meet at Danvers (Lester Friend's track). Here is the cover description.

Our cover photo is a view of the roundhouse at the annual Brotherhood of Live Steamers gathering in Danvers, Mass., and was taken by C.W. Woodson. It may be regarded as a rather symbolic cover for The Modelmaker as this publication was instrumental in the founding of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers. First suggestion of such a society was a letter by Charles Purinton published in these pages back in 1932.
The cover of The Modelmaker, October-November 1938, featured a photo from the 1938 BLS Meet at Danvers.

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