Texas Railway Supply Inc

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From Large-scale Model Railroading, p 6

Cliff Pettis of Texas introduced a low cost line of car and locomotive parts, all in 1-1/2" scale. This line changed hands many times during the thirty or more years that it was available; originally starting as "Texas Railways" which became "Miller's Backyard Railroads", followed by "Bethlehem Pattern Supply", and finally, "Texas Railway Supply Inc". It is felt that this line started many enthusiasts in 1-1/2" scale modeling.


Southern PS-4

Terry McGrath wrote the following, from Live Steam Magazine, October 1973:

When illness forced Lee Stephens to give up his Live Steam line, we purchased the patterns with every hope that we would be able to continue the attractive price structure he had developed for the 1-1/2 inch scale Southern Ps-4. We spent what seemed an awful long time checking over all the patterns and, when that was completed, we began contacting foundries to provide our castings. A more frustrating experience I have never experienced! Each contact brought another defeat with "Sorry," "Too busy now," "Couldn't possibly add them to our production," or "Your run is too small." Finally, after combing a five-state area, we found a foundry hundreds of miles away that agreed to do the work. They have firm delivery dates and promised price quotations shortly. We placed an ad in Live Steam Magazine which gave a two-month period in which our stock was to be delivered and began to wait. No price quotation was ever made and, after the promised delivery passed we were told that they couldn't handle our comparatively small order! So we began again. We have finally located a satisfactory source and have taken delivery of our first shipment at a price we feel is satisfactory. We hope this will prove to be a reliable and trusted source.


From Live Steam Magazine, February 1976:

7-1/2 inch gauge RRSC standard observation, Fibreglass construction $900. 7-1/2 inch gauge TRS GE 70-ton twin diesel units (one powered and one rider), Fibreglass bodies, steel frames, automatic reverse, light, horn, bell, 5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, super detail $1,395. TRS assorted Live Steam and railroad patterns -- all on match board. Send SASE for list, Terry McGrath, 4800 White Settlement, Ft. Worth, Tx 75114.

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