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Midwest Scale Rail, LLC is a company owned and operated by Carl Schidt. Carl posted the following on Facebook, May 2015:

I am officially launching my rail supply business. I have 3 profiles of aluminum rail available for 1/8th scale railroads, and am considering adding steel rail as well. All 3 profiles are 1" tall, 6061 aluminum with a T6 hardness. I have traditional West Coast style rail with a 7/8" base priced at $1.10 per foot. I have 2 new profiles, based on modern 141 pound rail, both with 15/16" bases. The standard 141 lb. version will accept all standard joiners, 1/8" x 1/2" x 4" flat bar joiners, pressed Railroad Supply style joiners, and Train Mountain slip on joiners, priced at $1.15/ foot. The heavy duty 141 lb. version, has a heavier base, and uses a 3/16" x 3/8" x 4" flat bar joiner, priced at $1.20 / foot. I can supply rail in 10', 12', and 20' lengths. My 141 lb. rail, has a more prototypical rounded head than the traditional West Coast style rail. This will provide for longer rail life, less resistance, and less wear on rolling stock wheels. The first picture shows the profile of the new standard 141 pound rail. The second picture shows the 3 profiles side by side, with the West Coast rail on the left, standard 141 pound rail in the middle, and the heavy duty 141 pound rail on the right. The third picture shows a comparison of the tread marks, between the heavy duty 141 lb. rail at the bottom, and West Coast rail at the top. Both rails were new and installed at the same time. You can clearly see how the 141 pound rail has the treads running just inside the top center of the head of the rail, while on the West Coast rail, the treads are running just on the inside edge of the rail. That's a pretty dramatic difference. I don't have a website yet, and I am in the process of getting an ad on Discover Live Steam, but I thought I'd pass on the info here first. Thanks for looking. Carl Schmidt . You can email me at ; carl4734 at mwt dot net .

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