Martin Evans

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Martin Evans at the throttle of No. 752

From the Martin Evans Wikipedia article:

Martin Evans (1916 – 29 December 2003) was a major contributor to the English recreational magazine Model Engineer. He was promoted from Technical Editor to Editor of the magazine in January 1966. His editorship, along with a change in almost all other staff on the magazine, is credited as having saved it from decline. The next year, the prolific model locomotive designer 'Curly' Lawrence, aka LBSC, died. At this point, Martin Evans took over the serialization of locomotive designs, apparently rivaling LBSC in his output. He inaugurated the International Model Locomotive Efficiency Competition (IMLEC) in 1969. Evans was an erudite editor, whose time in the job was distinguished by a stable of brilliant contributors who came into the magazine from lifetime careers at the very height of British toolroom engineering. At this time the magazine was of extraordinary quality, reflected even in the learned and passionate debates that raged in the letters columns and demanded the best of the reader's intellect. He retired from the editorship in June 1977, concentrating on locomotive designs. He died on 29 December 2003.

From the jacket cover of Manual of Model Steam Locomotive Construction:

Martin Evans is the former editor of the magazine Model Engineer, and before that was engaged professionally in the design, manufacture, and repair of model locomotives of all gauges. He was responsible for the model Garratt locomotive and train supplied to Rhodesia Railways in connection with the Cecil Rhodes centenary exhibition. He is the authority on model steam locomotives and his book is accepted as the standard work on construction.


Gerry Penrose designed an 0-4-0 switcher which he said was based on the Evan's "Caribou".


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