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About the IBLS

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This wiki contains 755 articles.

The IBLS wiki contains a wonderful number of standards for the home hobbyist to integrate into their designs in order to properly interchange with other equipment
Van Anderson
Look up IBLS. It's the NMRA of large scale.
John Doyle
Post-graduates in Model Railroading are the "live steamers". This ambitious group build models from the base metal to realistic replicas actually operated by steam.
Victor Shattock



Bill Dykeman's York Central Railway: Steam on Prince Edward Island

Laverne Langworthy and his Hudson

Wulf-Dieter Oil Burner

Bill Yoder's 3/4 inch scale registry has grown to over 526 entries in 14 files!

Daris Nevil reports on the Waushakum Live Steamers Fall Meet 2018

Update on the rebuild of Frank Mann's #5001

Harry Austin's amazing 3/4 inch scale Hudson, with working stoker and booster!

Photos of ATSF 68600 stock car outside Albany, Texas

2-6-2 Prairie Steam Locomotive

A visit to Carl Purinton's basement

Tom Bee shows how to build a simple and sturdy frame for rail cars

Drawing for Tom Bee's track warp detection gauge

Ralph W. Andres describes how to simulate non-skid step surfaces

Bill Van Brocklin's Roller Engine Test Stand

Elevation and Specifications for Bill Van Brocklin's Amabelle

Live Steam in 1/240th Scale

Frank Mann built two 1.5 inch scale locomotives, and doubled headed with them (by himself!)

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Regional IBLS Secretaries

Standards and Recommended Practice

Wandering Locomotive Books

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