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The History and Future of Live Steam

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I suggest our motto should be "Build something today."
Jim Leggett
Is it possible the founder of The International Brotherhood of Live Steamers would have embraced this medium had it existed in 1932? Carl Purinton surely would have set up a web site, don't you think?
John D. Atkinson
The late Carl Purinton when talking about his experiences on full sized steam locomotives once told me that "they run best when they are completely worn out.....but not quite!"
Keith Taylor

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New Wandering Locomotive Book: Jim Murray and MDM Locomotive Works

Did you know ... The 1972 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog featured a 7.5 inch gauge train set from Texas Railway Supply Inc?

Small Pressure Gauges

Bill Yoder just released the latest edition of the 3/4 inch scale registry, which now totals 370 locomotives!

How to Form Brass Domes

Carl Purinton and B&M No 3240

Did you know...Jim Kreider's Atlantic was featured in a segment of the movie "The Jerk"?

Did you know...Kenneth Atkinson built the first model Electric/Hydraulic diesel locomotive prior to 1952?

Major Douglas T. Peck suggests how to "Get Started" in Live Steam

Dwight Durkee builds an 1870's Steam Locomotive Oil Lamp

"Building the Little Railroad" by Frank H Moore, Jr

Don tackles the Cowcatcher, Throttle and Sand domes of LBSC's Virginia.

B.M. Green shares his method for fabricating Flare Tube Fittings

New Live Steam club forming in Washington, Fully Funded

Stan Galloway's 4 cylinder gas electric in 1 inch scale

C.J. Hull shares secrets on finding raw material

Bill Van Brocklin's Union Nuts & Fittings Chart

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