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Steve Kuhn posted the following on Chaski.org, 22 July 2016:

Charles has bought all the patterns and castings. He is extremely hard of hearing to the point I just emailed him. He quickly responded. Unfortunately he told me he is having a hard time finding a foundry to do any more castings. Maybe by this writing he has found one.
Charles Wiegand
552 Green Briar Rd.
West Liberty, KY 41472
Phone: (606) 522-3390
Email: gscale@mrtc.com

Charles Wiegand wrote:

I have gotten high power Bluetooth hearing aids and an iPhone to receive calls direct to the hearing aids. The new number is (606) 548-0200. I met Winton Brown at his shop in Danville, CA in June of 1970 when he was about to retire. I purchased his demo Bolus GN road switcher with fiberglass body and 4 HP gasoline engine. I sold it to the Magic Age of Steam in DE who sold it to a man that runs it at the Penna. Live Steam club after re-gauging it to 7.25" I still have lots of castings for the 1.5" scale Winton line plus castings and patterns for the Mammoth Locomotive Works of CO 2.5" scale narrow gauge C-16 2-8-0 and a 2 axle 30 ton side rod switcher that used a Cat diesel engine and was DRGW #50 but other roads had them with and without side rods. John of Mammoth Locomotive Works still sells the Winton 3" and 5" scale lines of Live Steam locomotives. I know about 2 different foundries that do castings in the Live Steam hobby but neither of them are close to eastern KY. One is near Lancaster, PA and one is near Medina, OH. Any other foundry suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The foundry must have a furnace hot enough to melt gray iron. Winton had 3 different types of 1.5" scale trucks that I have some castings and most patterns for.
I am willing to sell what castings I have or even the entire business including existing castings, patterns, rights, Winton Locomotive web site URL in reserve but not active right now, web site contents and additional photos, a more recent catalog, drawings, velum, and digital drawing files, and some small detail parts added by the group that took over the line after Winton released it. The sale does not have to be all for cash but could include machine shop services. I would prefer to keep the 2.5” scale Mammoth Locomotive line until I get a chance to build from those parts. My son Tim in central OH is interested in a Little Engines original ALCO northern especially if it has a centipede tender or a NKP Berk both in 7.5” scale although we prefer 1.6” scale but only custom built Live Steamers are available in that scale. There is a catalog of sorts in the web site page files that is not on line now. I also have spread sheets of the inventory of castings and patterns with old prices based on foundry cost about 2005.
Thank You,
Charles Wiegand
552 Green Briar Rd. (In Crockett)
West Liberty, KY 41472
Phone: (606) 548-0200
Email: gscale@mrtc.com