Atlantic City Live Steamers

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Live Steam Magazine, August 1976

New Club in Atlantic City

The newest Live Steam Club to form is the Atlantic City Live Steamers in New Jersey, and they are now in the process of incorporating.

Officers recently elected are Hugh F. Wachter as President, Richard, C. Schiereck as Vice President/Treasurer and Wayne Heggan as Secretary. The present membership includes Harry Mizrahi, Ronald Fillman and Louis Godbold in addition tothe officers. Initial membership will be limited to twelve and any Live Steamer is welcome to visit. A Saturday or Sunday will usually find them hard at work on the railroad and a phone call ahead will make sure that there will be someone at the track.

Originally it was planned that the club would work in 1 inch scale, but an opportunity to purchase some 7-1/4 inch gauge equipment and rail brought revisions to the plan. Presently 400 feet of 7-1/4 inch gauge track is laid on the starting loop of 1200 feet. Part of this loop will include a five-to six-foot high wooden trestle. A hydraulic lift is being installed to unload, load and turn engines in the raised steaming bay rea. It is hoped that the first loop will be complete this summer with the steaming and storage facilities finished by the end of the steaming season. A second loop will then be started (at a more liesurely pace) and that will be over a half-mile in length.

Anyone interested in joining or visiting this clude should contact Hugh Wachter, Pikes Peak Road, Tuckerton, New Jersey.