Arthur Wegner

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Ken Scheer provided the following in an email dated 4 November 2015:

In 1958, at age 12-- I had my very first incredible "Hands-On" Introduction to 3/4-Inch Scale x 3-1/2-Inch Gauge "Live-Steam Locomotives, by a wonderful 72 year-young Gentleman, a retired Union Pacific RR Locomotive Engineer in Denver, Mr. Arthur Wegner-- and he became a very dear friend. Over the next several years, Arthur also became my most gracious and generous "Great Mentor" in the realm of "Live-Steamers" and in the "Grittier" aspects of true Railroading. By 1960, I was actively building an LBSC "Tich" (in Art's Shop--), and also became the youngest Member of the Rocky Mountain Live Steamers Club, a casual regional group of only eight (or so--) RMLS Members. I also joined the BLS, with Harry L. Dixon, Secretary, which became the BLS Pacific Coast Division. By 1963, I also had joined the BLS East Coast Division, with Edgar J. Kruckeberg, Secretary (many years later, in 1987-- I also became a Member of the IBLS Mid-West Division, with Ralph Tucker, Secretary). Today, it is a little disconcerting to find myself as the sole-surviving, yet quite proud, living Member of the old Rocky Mountain Live Steamers--!
There may well be Other Photos of Arthur Wegner at Danvers, MA in Oct. 1940-- perhaps as well as during other NELS (Danvers) Meets from @ 1946 to 1952, or so. I know that Arthur made more than one or two Treks to Danvers, back then-- I saw his Albums in the 1960's, but unfortunately never obtained any photos from his Collections.

Attended the 1938 BLS Meet at Danvers, MA:

A. W. Wegner brought a beautifully detailed Pacific chassis, 2-1/2" gauge, from Denver, Colo.

Attended the 1951 BLS Meet at Oakland, CA:

One of the most likable of live steamers, kindly Art Wegner, President of the Rocky Mountain Live Steamers in Denver, was on hand to greet old friends and make new ones. He had his 3-1/2 inch gauge coal fired U.P. Atlantic soon adding miles to her record.